AdWatch: Oh, Lolita!

Marc Jacobs runs some of the best ad campaigns in the business.  Something about the pictures screams amateur; they’re aloof, saturated, they’re fun.  I confess the only films I’ve seen Dakota Fanning in are War of the Worlds and Man on Fire (she spends 80% of the script screaming in both) but, judging by her red carpet choices and coyness, she seems fun too.

The problem with this is advert, is it’s just too darn fun for the UK.

The UK Standards Advertising Agency has pulled the campaign as it is too “suggestive.”  It seems that the UK Standards Advertising Agency has missed the point.  Lola – a handwriting slip away from Lolita – suggests a provocative 14 year old, who’s crazy and manipulative and sexual.  A flower in full bloom between her legs is genius; imagine Marc Jacobs, a raging queen, giggling at the suggestion that ‘Dakota should just go for it honey, look like you’re just BALANCING it there, oh my gosh, it’s hilarious, it’s perfect!’  And Dakota, who is 17 I might add, would laugh along.

 I’m sure many of us had held worse things between their thighs when we were 17.  Poor Dakota (who’s real name is Hannah out of interest, and wasn’t born in Dakota, north or south) probably has too.  It’s a sad fact that our regulatory bodies have to jump to pedophilia when fashion is simply mirroring Russian literature.  It’s not Dakota Fanning’s fault she’s so skinny.